Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Effective Ways of Online Advertising

With all the hype around the online presence of a business, every business owner wants to have own website for the business that expands the business presence and helps in improving revenues. To improve online presence and get maximum visitors to a website, certain marketing strategies have to be followed. Three kinds of marketing techniques help in increasing visitors to the site. They are – through social media, through search engine optimization and through advertising to only those people who might be interested in the business. You might have thought about marketing through social media and search engine optimization. Have you thought of advertising to people who are interested? Branding firms say that the last method is a faster and effective one. Let us understand some ways to advertise online effectively for a business.

  • Prefer long tail instead of fat head: This is one way to get more conversions from your traffic. In this method, a brand consultant will help you with specific advertising that targets few rather than advertising to a large group with more number of visitors. The advantage of adopting this method is that though the target audience is fewer in number, the audience is more qualified one and there is more scope for conversion than the broader target audience approach.
  • Payment ways: In general, there are three ways of paying for your advertisements. As part of brand development, you may adopt any of these ways

  1. CPM – This refers to cost per thousand impressions as you pay a rate per thousand impressions on a web page. 
  2. CPC - This refers to cost per click i.e. you pay a rate every time the ad is clicked.
  3. CPA – This refers to cost per action i.e. you pay a rate whenever someone takes an action on your website after clicking on the advertisement.
Advertising options: There are different online advertising options which can be broadly categorized as .,

  1. Text ads – These are the basic types of ad and almost all the ad platforms run these type of ads. The general format of these ads consists of a headline, some text info, a call to action which gives a URL.
  2. Banner ads – They are similar to text ads, but with a difference that they contain pictures and videos along with the text. If you want to advertise your website on other websites through ads, then usually this is done via banner ads as a part of brand development. 
  3. Native ads – Those ads that appear within the content are native ads.
  • Creation of landing pages: A good brand consultant will tell you that to run a good ad campaign it is very important to create landing pages for each and every single ad you want to run.
Online advertising is a challenging task which requires expert knowledge of different advertising methods and the latest trends. To improve your online ad campaigns trust Accuprosys which is one of the top branding firms in Hyderabad. 


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