Friday, 7 April 2017

Smart Hiring Tips for Employers

Although the job market seems to be tight and gripping, it’s not easy to find worthy talent for your company. 
Globally, about 40% of employers find it difficult to fill jobs due to lack of desired talent! (Source: 2016 Talent Shortage Survey, released by Manpower Group)

The below are few of the toughest roles to fill:

    Skilled Trades
    IT Staff
    Sales Representatives
    Accounting and Finance Staff
    Production/Machine Operations
    Office Support Staff

According to the employers, lack of applicants with desired skills and experience is the main roadblock. To combat this lack of resources, instead of sitting their waiting the employers are investing in their internal resources so as to equip them with required skills. Almost about 53% of employers are offering training and development to their existing employees.

Let’s see how else we can hire talented resources:

1. Ensure your organization is a happy place to work and let the word spread: So, what makes it a fun place? What are you offering that others are not… do u celebrate birthdays in a grand way, do u give automated hikes? That’s good news – Be loud about it and spread the news far and wide – It works! Social media promotion, updates in your website and word of mouth publicity through existing employees... all these channels help in the process. 

2. Employee Referrals: Because the existing employees know all about yoyr work culture, the kind of work demands and suitable employee types, it is best to use this method of employee referrals to find suitable resources. Current employees have the best sense of what type of candidate will be a great fit for your company, so if you can get an employee referral, your chances of finding talented candidates can skyrocket. 

3. Poach (Politely so): This is challenging but if it clicks you can actually have the best of the best candidates land in your company. They say, the best candidates are already working in their dream jobs and hence are not looking for opportunities. Now, it’s up to you how you find them and reach them.

Perhaps it’s about network, network and more network! 

4. Always Focus on Recruiting: It is extremely important to keep working on the database of potential candidates, whether or not you have an immediate requirement. They will also come handy when needed, far more easily and quickly.

It makes sense to keep posting for general requirements on job portals and social media so that you have enough data when you actually need it! They say it takes about 28 days on an average to fill a position and that the number of days is only growing! Also keep in mind to always stay in touch with talented and potential candidates, former employees, and interesting candidates in the industry!

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