Friday, 8 July 2016


In the present times, it has become common to hear so many people saying “I am done with doing a job; I am planning start something on my own!”  Almost everybody is planning on becoming an entrepreneur. The question is “why?”
Well, the reasons could be varied, some may want to chase fame and glory, some may be looking for work satisfaction, some want to do it for big bucks, while some other are just sick of their so called “cruel boss!”
Whatever the reasons may be – Let us see why it’s a good idea!
 It gives you the access to pursue your passion!

If there is something that you wanted to do but could not, due to lack of money, resources or time, then nothing better than starting your own business. If you are creative, you could think of content marketing or a branding consultancy. If you are good with designing spaces, go start an interior design consulting firm. Are you a fitness freak? Start your own gym,maybe?!
It takes courage to follow your heart and pursue your passion – Just go for it!
The sky is the limit! Yes! We are talking about your income…

Now, your income doesn’t have to depend on what other deems you fit for/or not… If you become an entrepreneur, what determines your income is your business idea and its novelty, how creatively you choose to market it and how good you are at the management.  As you see that your business is growing, it automatically motivates you to set higher goals and work harder!  
Choose your work location and timings.

You can literally run business from anywhere… while travelling, through Internet, by hiring remote employees, or at your leisure time in Scotland! Modern technology has made all of this possible. On a day that you want to spend time with your family, you can work from home or take a day off completely. You have that kind of flexibility at your command to fit your work into your life the way you want it!

Grow leaps and bounds personally.

In the course of fighting through all the ups and downs, you gain so much experience and learning that will make you emerge out as a more powerful and stronger person. During the journey, you will discover that you are today more capable than you ever thought! You also become a pro at socializing and building lasting relationships. It definitely adds vision to your purpose!

Create your fate and lead it in your style!

Now, you definitely don’t get to have this luxury when you are stuck in a conventional job, do you? You never get to decide what you have to do and how you would like to do it. You certainly must follow the set protocol. Your boss actually decides how you spend your 8-9 hours at work! But as an entrepreneur, you will actually design your own destiny, set a vision and set out on it in your style and at your pace... It’s your skill and hard work that decide how much you earn.

 So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap!

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