Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Challenges in Recruiting a Right Candidate

Every organization needs a new employee now and then due to various reasons. A new employee may be required when there is expansion in business or an existing employee has to be replaced. Whatever, the reason is, whenever a new employee has to be hired, it is a challenging task for the recruiters in the organization to hire an apt candidate for the position. Listed out here are few challenges faced by the organizations in hiring employees.

Screening genuine resume: As soon as a job posting is done, the mailbox gets filled with hundreds of resumes with different qualifications and experience levels. There will be many candidates who fake resumes, give fake referrals and certifications. This happens because candidates are with the notion that companies will not research on each and every resume. It is a herculean task to find out the genuine resume of all such resumes. Screening genuine resumes require a lot of skills that only an experienced recruitment agency will have. 

Identifying qualified employee: Identifying an employee who has the right mix of educational qualification and experience for a particular job is also a difficult task. Even in a scenario where all the resumes received are genuine, the applicants will have different qualifications and skill sets. It is quite a bit difficult job to sort out hundreds of resumes in order to find a candidate who is aptly qualified for a post. In some cases, the resumes speak if the candidate is qualified or not. But, in some cases, the candidate may need to be questioned to find out if he/she is qualified for the job. 

The recruitment process of a company can be outsourced to a human resource consultancy, so as to benefit its professional expertise in identifying the best-qualified candidate among the pool.

Planning for the interview schedule:  After identifying the right qualified candidates, the next step in the in the recruitment process is the interview. Depending upon the job that has been posted, the interview may be needed to be conducted at various levels. After the initial screening, one or two rounds of interviews may be required to be conducted by the higher managers. This requires a lot of coordination among the HR consulting firms and the company’s functional managers as their availability and their opinion on the candidate is critical in the selection of a candidate.

Selecting the right person: After the tedious selection process, the final task of choosing the right person among all the eligible candidates is never an easy job. With so many eligible people with different combinations of qualifications and skills, it is a pretty tough job to zero on one person. It is a wise option to let this job be done by someone who has all the skills to recruit the right person. Every recruitment agency has such skillful people who can select the best from the available options.

Choosing the employee within time constraints:  An organization will need an employee within a time frame. Completing the whole process of recruitment within a short span of time and providing an efficient and eligible employee by the time set by the management is not at all an easy task. If the position is not filled promptly, it may affect the organization adversely. Hence, the recruitment process should be handled by professionals from human resource consultancy to provide the best possible candidate in a short span.

The recruitment and selection of an employee require some specialized skills that are available with the HR consulting firms like Accuprosys. Come to us with a vacant position and we will find the right person for you.

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