Thursday, 8 March 2018

Top Benefits of E-mail Marketing

For every kind of business, an easy and affordable way of marketing that consistently delivers a high ROI is email marketing. There are numerous businesses worldwide that are using email marketing effectively and reaping its benefits. Corporate branding services suggest email marketing to all kinds of businesses irrespective of size across industries.  Although a number other marketing channels like social media, search engine optimization have stormed the marketing field, email marketing is still a safe bet due to its profitability and other benefits it offers.

  • Less expensive: The most interesting aspect of email marketing that makes it popular across businesses is the fact that it is less expensive as there are no printing and postal charges and other expenses related to TV and magazines ads. The costs related to email marketing are related to the email automation software and sending bulk emails. However, these costs are considerably low compared to other forms of marketing. 
  • Easy to reach target audience: A brand consultant will surely suggest including email marketing to your branding strategy as it is a sure shot way to reach your target audience with ease. Most of the businesses send their marketing emails to only those customers or potential customers who have shown an interest in the business products by signing up for regular newsletters. Corporate branding services professionals assure that email marketing leads to higher conversion rates as it is targeted at only those people who are interested in the business.
  • Easy to start the email campaign: Email marketing is one which does not require a big team of professionals and a lot of technical know-how to start a campaign. Though some professional help of a brand consultant for making the email campaign a bit fancy with images and videos can be sought, it is not always needed and even a simple text email with quality content can work wonders.
  • Use customer database effectively by segmenting: Branding companies give importance to email marketing as it helps to target the audience by segmenting the customer database according to needs and customize emails specifically for a segment.
  • Communicate frequently: As the cost incurred is very less and it does not take time to create an email campaign businesses can use email marketing more frequently than the other channels. However, it has to be noted that the frequency should not be more than once a week; else, your efforts may result negatively.
  • Easily measurable: Email marketing is one of the best and most easily measurable channels where information can be tracked to identify and draw conclusions if your marketing campaign is working or not. Also, with the help of email platforms that are technologically advanced, businesses can analyze the user response to the email like, how many opened the mail, how many clicked on the link given in the mail etc. 
  • Easy to share: Email marketing facilitates fastest sharing of the content across the globe with a chance to track who is actually reading your email. With an easy click by subscribers to forward the email to their friends it also helps you to reach interested target audience who are not listed in your database.
  • Yields higher ROI: Last but not the least of the benefits, email marketing generates a high ROI that is approximately 4 times higher compared to other channels’ ROI. 

If you have not yet included email marketing in your marketing strategy, it is time you do so. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top branding companies in Hyderabad, for all your branding solutions.

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