Friday, 16 March 2018

Shun Mistakes that Hamper a Perfect Landing Page

What do you think of having your favorite burger just after the workout session? No use of working out, right? The same thing relates to taking your potential customer to your website’s homepage rather than the landing page. It is important that you have a landing page to make your target traffic do what you intend them to. It is not just sufficient to build a landing page, but it needs to be perfect to get the results expected. IT consulting firms advise you to avoid these common mistakes that make your landing pages dumb so that you get more conversions for your business.

  • Ineffective CTA button: If your call to action (CTA) button is not standing out on your landing page, you are missing out the action you intended the user to do. The intention of a landing page is to make the user perform a task that you want for your business growth. According to the IT consultants, one of the most common mistakes in a landing page is adding too many elements that hide the CTA button and confuse the user. When you give multiple options like viewing a demo, downloading a brochure, form to register etc. the user may choose anything, while your exact intention was to fill out the form to register. To avoid this chaos, your CTA should be placed prominently where it is seen clearly and care should be taken regarding its size, color and the white space around it which can be done with IT support.

  • Floppy Headlines: Floppy headlines do exactly the opposite of what great headlines do. Great headlines summarize your business proposition in simple yet catchy words. Headlines that are not in line with the ad or lack clarity counteract with your intentions. To increase conversions and boost the sales it is pivotal to give an effective and relevant headline. 
  • Slow Page Speed: One of the most important factors in the success of a website is its speed. According to experts in IT support, your landing page has greater chances of failure when it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. In some businesses, traffic may bounce even if it takes more than 2-3 seconds. Hence, it is all the more necessary to make sure that the landing page loads really quick. To avoid loss of business due to slow speed, keep your page clutter-free, re-size your images, upgrade your hosting and test your page speed with test tools. 
  • Using irrelevant images and videos: Images that are irrelevant can have a huge negative impact on the conversion rate. Better results can be achieved by using images that exhibit your product or service and the benefits of using your product or service. Take expert advice from your IT consultant and put some high-quality images that generate genuine interest in the landing page and your product.
  • Messy Forms: Including a complicated and messy form is a thing that instantaneously induces the user to abandon the page. Keep your form short and simple with minimal fields to collect data that you need. 

These are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to the failure of your landing page. Enhance your sales prospects by avoiding and rectifying these mistakes. For any further queries, feel free to contact experts at Accuprosys, one of the best IT consulting firms in Hyderabad.

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