Thursday, 7 December 2017

How can your managers become leaders?

Usually, people think that the words leader and manager can be used interchangeably. But, this is not true. These two words are distinct and have qualities that many times overlap. As a part of training and development, organizations conduct sessions to impart leadership skills to their employees. However, it is not mandatory that a good leader will become a good manager. But, it is necessary for a manager to be a good leader in order to lead the employees towards the organizational goals. Organizations may lack clarity on leadership skills and managerial skills; however, HR consulting firms know the difference and can help organizations in creating good managers. Given here are few ideas that work towards improving the leadership skills of the employees and make them better managers.

  • Discourage the static status: As a tendency, many people get static with a little achievement in life. The same is true with the managers, who are happy with their position and responsibilities and do not think beyond. But, such a lethargic attitude will not work towards the organizational interests. Hence, organizations should push their managers and create enthusiasm for them to take initiative for new roles and get proactive in whatever they do. A human resource consultancy can always guide the management in analyzing manager behavior and help them perform better.
  • Encourage the risk-taking attitude: The management of an organization should be open and should encourage the staff to take risks because only when risks are taken, there will be big results. HR agency professionals guide organizations saying that it is not possible for everyone to bring success to whatever they do. Managers should be encouraged to take risks and should not be frowned upon when they see failure.
  • Let them explore: The key responsibility of a manager is to see that all the tasks are completed on time. Though this does not require them to execute the task themselves, they do need to understand the process involved in completing a certain task. Then only they will be able to delegate work to their subordinates and for this employees who are potential managers should be entrusted with different responsibilities and should be given a chance to try various roles in the organization and grasp an idea of all the work being done.
  • Delegate and give authority: Human resource consultancy professionals say that as much responsibility is important, so also authority, for managers to get tasks completed. Managers should be delegated their work properly and they ought to be given authority required to perform their job. The managers’ capabilities have to be trusted and they should be given required resources so that they don’t waste their time on menial jobs.
  • Develop successors: Every organization plans and works for growth. Hence, it is the duty of every manager to take initiative and work hard so that they move ahead into more responsible and higher roles. At the same time, they should ensure that they are mentoring one of their subordinates to step into their shoes with all the necessary skills. Organizations can take the support of an HR agency to take care that there is a perfect process in place to develop successors for every key position so that the organization does not suffer in the times of crises.

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