Friday, 6 October 2017

Design Your Success with a Perfect Logo

If consumers recollect your brand name, half the credit in it goes to the logo. It’s well understood that images make a deeper impact on our brain. Moreover, we don’t care to hear brand names in advertisements. We don’t spend the time to read the brand name on billboards while travelling or in any other kind of advertisement. But, we definitely spare few seconds to see the logo of a brand that we come across anywhere and anytime. That’s the impact a logo can create on consumers. A small glance at a logo will make the consumer interested in the brand and lead to brand development.

Branding firms can design great logos that are more than just images and words. Brand consultants opine that a good logo should tell a story about your company. A logo should be able to convey who you are and what you do. Though it seems to be simple, actually it is a tough job to include your business story in a piece of art called ‘logo’. It is not a simple job and requires special skills. That is the exact reason why brand consultants exist. A lot of brainstorming goes into the designing of a logo.

Purpose of your logo: With the shapes, images and text on it, a logo represents your brand identity. Getting clarity on the purpose of your logo will help create a perfect design. A logo can help in increasing your brand recognition and create trust. The most important aspect of branding in boosting recognition and improving brand identification is a logo. A strong logo helps you to stand out among tough competitors and makes it memorable among consumers as logos are easier to remember than names.

Mind your target market: While designing a logo it is important to understand the target market so that the logo appeals to the target consumers. Logo of a company in the entertainment industry can be designed with bright colors and attractive images. Likewise, every company in different industries has different set of needs for designing a logo.

Decide on including company name: As a part of brand development decide if you want to incorporate your company name in the logo or not. You can include your company’s name if it is distinctive and short. It is better not to include company name when the name is too common or general and long. It is also advisable not to include company name if it is not universally acceptable when translated if you are considering entering a global market. It should also be remembered that you should incorporate your company name only if it is visible clearly even in the smallest size of the logo.

Keep it simple: A simple and clear logo will make a fast and lasting impression on consumers. Too many fonts, colors and images make the logo confusing and cluttered. They create a negative impact on consumers. An image with multiple images or text will be more expensive and cumbersome to reproduce it on various promotional material or platforms. Hence, it is most advisable to keep the logo as simple as possible.

Considering all these factors and creating a logo is a specialized skill and it requires professionals who are into the business and are aware of different industries and target markets. Branding firms like Accuprosys are adept at handling all your branding needs and designing a perfect logo that is a stepping stone to your brand success.

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