Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Factors that Influence a Mobile App Usability

Among the thousands of apps available in the market, only a few are liked by the users and reach a wider market. One of the important factors that influence users’ like towards an app is its usability. How easily or effortlessly the app could be used to reach the goal of the app is its usability. Users like those apps that are easy to use and at the same time give an amusing experience. In other words, the app should be in such a way that right from the moment of starting to use it to finally exiting the app; every action performed by the user should be easy without any hiccups. According to the professionals in IT support and managed services, there are few practices that enhance the usability of a mobile app.

Platform usability: The first thing a mobile app development company should follow to increase an app’s usability is that the app works well on all different mobile platforms.  This is important because day-in-day-out new mobiles are hitting the market that work on different platforms. Users are changing their mobiles often and they prefer apps that work on all kinds of platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows. Also, this is the way an app can reach a wider market with users who use different mobiles that run on different platforms.

Easy Navigation:
One of the biggest issues in mobile app usability faced by the users is difficulty in navigation. IT consultants suggest that hassle-free navigation is important in making an app user-friendly and the users should have a clear understanding with respect to the navigation process to complete a task.

Keep it simple: The fewer the steps to reach the goal, the more are the chances of the app being liked by users. The attention span of the internet users is very minimal which makes it a risky proposition to have a number of steps to reach the goal of the app. A mobile app development company has to make sure that there is no requirement of keying in some information that is redundant in nature and that it is stored and retrieved automatically whenever needed.

App apt content: Mobile apps are different from the websites. So, care should be taken to include only that content which is useful and needed to perform the task in the app. Content in a mobile app should be tailor-made to suit the needs of app users to increase the usability of the app.

Minimal Scrolling: IT consultants say that though scrolling is unavoidable, an app should be built with a minimal requirement of scrolling sideways. Sideway scrolling causes inconvenience and if not scrolled the content may be hidden.
Easy sign-up process: To improve an app’s usability, there should be a simple process for registering with the app and it is even better and more user-friendly to allow the users to sign up through social media accounts.

Usability of a mobile app plays a very crucial role in the app’s success. Considering all the aspects mentioned here while building an app is important to make an app user-friendly and successful. Accuprosys is one of the best providers of IT support and managed services in mobile app development.

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