Tuesday, 24 May 2016

HR Recruitment Tips

If you are new to the corporate world or have been in this industry since few years, there is always something new to learn in this ever changing industry. With so many competitors, new technologies and industry best practices, it can be tough to choose an employee suitable for particular position or work culture is difficult and time taking task. Employers need to identify efficient and promising employees for this they need to refine their recruiting process or they need to approach organizations which provide recruitment services. There are various Hr consulting firms in Hyderabad as this trend of hiring is increasing day by day.

Here are few tips to be followed while recruiting employees:
Draft ad, with key qualifications: If you want to be hassle free just draft the ad with its key qualifications and draft it in such a media that where it reaches the group of whom you want it to reach and as early as possible.
Accurate Job description: describing requirements of job is very important because, based on the job description only you will receive resumes. If you don’t mention what you need in job description itself, there will be pool of resumes which are irrelevant to the job position. So, to avoid all this unnecessary work just clearly mention requirements for the particular post, this makes your work easy.
 Screening Resumes: Be careful while screening resumes, as soon as you draft ad there will be number of resumes in your inbox and you have to scrutinize them based on your requirement. Although you have given proper job description there are people who send irrelevant resumes, just screen them out and concentrate on what you need.
Screen candidates by phone: Once you are done with screening of resumes and made list of candidates for further process, prepare series of questions for telephonic interview and you can easily identify and eliminate candidates who are of no use to you.
Show case your company: A great way to attract candidates is to show case your company’s amenities or your employees can be your brand ambassadors, if you treat them well. Spreading word about organization can help you to gain publicity and this will definitely help in gaining good response for the organization.
Asses your potential candidates for their skill: Resume and telephonic interview only, tells you about an applicant but you can’t asses their skills. So, you need to assess their skills based on some assessment tool for example you can conduct a technical test with series of their skill related  questions ,from this you can analyze how good they are at their tasks.
Schedule face to face interviews: After you have selected candidate based on their performance in previous rounds and you can again you use few consistent questions to choose right candidate for right position.
Make your choice: Based on job requirements, work environment choose the suitable person and make your offer to the candidate. Before offering the candidate the job make an effort to check background and if everything is fine you can offer them with the job.

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