Friday, 16 February 2018

Types of Payment Gateways That Help Your Business

These days everyone is taking benefit of online business and for that what is needed is a payment gateway. If you wish to improve your sales by making your business cashless, then you will need a payment gateway to facilitate this. To identify and help you get into the online business, you may take IT support for business growth and enter the online market. To make it a bit easy for you, let’s see here the types of payment gateways that are available for you to choose.

Hosted Payment Gateways: 
In this type of payment gateway, the customer is taken to another website from your website for the payment transaction and then again sent back to your website for the checkout process. Once, the user or customer selects the pay now button on your website, the customer will be taken to the payment service provider (PSP) page. There the customer has to fill in the payment details that are required and when the payment is completed, the customer is again redirected to your website.

IT support professionals will help you in deciding the type or option of a payment gateway that best suits your business. In the hosted type of payment gateway, there is another option also, where the customer fills a form created by the payment service provider that is inserted into your website. This form called ‘iframe’ facilitates your website in accepting card payments without storing card information on your website. The iframe is hosted on the PSP which receives all the information related to payments.

Self Hosted Payment Gateways:
In this type of payment gateways, you will only collect customer’s payments details on your own website. Once the customer provides all the payment details, your website will pass this data to the payment gateway’s website. 

Non-Hosted Payment Gateways:
These gateways are also known as API payment gateways. This type of payment gateways is for those businesses that don’t want their customers to check out from their page because payments are made directly at the merchant’s website. In this type, the card details can be entered in your website and then process payments using their APIs or with the use of some HTTPS queries.

These are the basic types of payment gateways and to decide upon the one that suits the best for you, approach IT consulting firms that can help you with their expertise. Accuprosys has some of the top IT consultants in Hyderabad who can address all your payment gateways issues.