Thursday, 15 February 2018

Advantages of Biometric Attendance System

The invasion of technology in every field has led to greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the work done. One such use of technology being used in most of the industries and many organizations is the use of biometric attendance system.  This technology has been very useful and helpful for the HR department of organizations in maintaining and tracking the attendance of employees.  Human resources consultancy professionals say that implementing a biometric system for attendance is very beneficial to the organizations in many ways. Let’s see some of those benefits here.

  • Payroll accuracy: The first and foremost of the advantages of adopting the biometric system of attendance is that it increases the payroll accuracy. HR consulting firms suggest adopting this method because the long time that is taken to track each and every individual employee’s attendance in the pen and paper mode is eliminated and as the system is automated there are fewer chances of human errors. 
  • Reduction in the work: Along with the advantage of accuracy, comes the advantage of reducing the burden on the HR department of the organization. When the biometric system of attendance is adopted, it reduces the need to maintain stacks of files and screening through them to calculate the salaries of employees. 
  • Elimination of time theft: Human resource consultancy experts assure that adopting the biometric system of attendance eliminates the time theft in the organization. Since the biometric machines read every employee’s unique biometrics it becomes impossible for employees to clock in for their buddies. This eliminates the time theft and huge losses resulting thereby because employees won’t be able to manipulate their attendance when they arrive late or leave early which cause time and productivity loss for the organization.
  • Increase in productivity: As employees attend to their work on time, the productivity also increases. Also, according to the HR consultants, the practice of maintaining manual records for attendance is eliminated by adopting the biometric system which saves HR department’s time and increases its productivity and gives ample to concentrate on other HR issues as well. 

Thus, implementing biometrics system in attendance is very beneficial to the organizations as it is extremely useful in making both the management and employees feel secure. Management feels secured because the problem of time-theft is reduced and employees feel secure because their timings are being registered accurately which gives them appropriate payments for their services. If you have any queries regarding your attendance management and want any suggestions, consult Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad.

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