Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tips for E-mail Marketing

One of the best ways to stay connected with your target audiences is using e-mail marketing at its best which is an integral part of marketing campaigns. It is one of the marketing channels that provide the maximum returns. However, e-mail marketing is not just typing a mail and hitting the send button. Corporate branding services professionals tell that if you don’t put your best efforts in e-mail marketing, it will be futile and you won’t get any benefits of it. Here are few tips to increase the returns for your efforts in e-mail marketing.

Make a connection: One of the first things suggested by any brand consultant is that a connection should be made with the customer or a potential customer. Instead of sending the same email to everyone with a generalized content, send custom-made e-mails. With the kind of advancement in technology, it is only a matter of how well you can utilize the various tools to send custom messages. Creating personalized messages creates a feeling in the customers that they are being recognized and valued.

  • Keep an updated list: Branding companies suggest that the e-mail to reach the target audience, an updated e-mail list has to be maintained by the business. If you want the probability of the e-mail to be read to be high, you ought to take care that the list is being updated on a regular basis by removing the inactive mail ids. 
  • Keep it mobile-friendly: These days most of the e-mails are read on smartphones. So, it is in the best interest of the business to choose a format that is mobile-friendly. 
  • Clear subject lines: Approach a brand consultant and figure out how the subject line should be drafted. To make a mark, the subject line should be compelling and it should stand out from the rest of the hundreds of emails in the inbox. Include links to the content in the subject lines, so that customers can directly go to the content without spending much time in the mail. This is very important because these days, people don’t have the patience to go through lengthy emails to get to the crux of the message. Make sure your subject line is clear and understandable with minimal characters and includes words that induce action from the receiver of the mail.
  • Take care of the sender name: Corporate branding services people feel that if an e-mail has a person’s name in the sender’s name instead of a company or department’s name it is more likely to be opened by the customers because they put more trust on personalized sender name rather than a generalized company name. However, in some cases, it may be vice-versa. So, depending on your company’s branding and how well people recognize you with your company’s name decide on the sender’s name.
  • Keep the mail short: Everyone is busy with a number of tasks on hand and nobody will have the patience to read a lengthy and boring e-mail. So, keep your emails crisp and short to make it easy for the customers to scan through the message in a few seconds. 
  • Add call-to-action button: One last but not least thing to do is including a call-to-action button at a place that is easily visible and prompts the reader to take the action by clicking on it. Apart from the call-to-action button, include a few links at different places in the mail so as to increase the chances of taking an action and keep the reader engaged.

E-mail marketing is one channel of marketing that you can’t ignore and have to take necessary caution; else, your emails may go to the spam list. To get the best suggestions and inputs for your branding necessities, visit Accuprosys, one of the top branding firms in Hyderabad.