Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Misconceptions that Hamper Successful Brand Engagement

Branding is a vast subject that is multi-disciplinary and a bit tricky too. Often people don’t understand branding properly and misinterpret concepts of brand engagement that lead to failure of their branding campaigns. Brand engagement is a process of forming an emotional connection with the consumer of a brand. It is a part of brand management which is more than brand awareness and comprises gaining loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. Here is a compilation of few misconceptions given by branding firms that hamper digital branding efforts of the marketing personnel.

  • The general idea among lay people is that branding is nothing but the logo of a company. But, in reality, branding is not synonymous with logo. To make consumers aware of your business brand engagement should be taken up in totality by consulting professional branding services providers. Brand engagement should consider and improve the perception of consumers towards the company and product, it should have quality communication with the customers, improve user experience with personalized marketing techniques and very importantly keeping up promises made.
  • Many people feel that to succeed in brand engagement splashy and loud methods have to be used. However, that is not always true and successful brand engagement includes successful digital-marketing campaigns that have to be made considering sound metrics with optimum budgets. A brand consultant should be hired to develop brand campaigns that emphasize consumer needs rather than craving for the brand’s attention.
  • One of the latest misconceptions is that social media is the ideal method to increase brand engagement. However, social media is only one of the many methods and for successful brand engagement, multiple channels of digital marketing have to be optimally used.
  • Another concept that is often misunderstood is that for successful branding only fancy ads made with heavy budgets make an impact. However, professional branding services organizations say that brand engagement works wonders with quality content, optimum social media use and processes that provide exceptional customer service by hosting chats and providing solutions for any problems faced by customers.

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