Thursday, 18 January 2018

Benefits of an HR Audit

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of an organization and taking steps to safeguard this asset is the task of the human resource department. The human resource department has big responsibilities like managing payroll, managing attendance and managing various compliance-related issues and thus plays a very crucial role in the success of the organization. Such an important department of the organization should be competent enough to carry out its role and responsibilities perfectly. To evaluate the competency of the HR department, an HR audit is required and this can be performed by hiring an external human resources consultancy. Let’s see the benefits of an HR audit.

An effective HR audit proves to be useful in identifying the need for improvement in HR department. It helps to identify the gap between the standards set by the organization and the actual performance of the department. An HR consultant who performs the audit can point out the deviations of the HR department from the organization’s set policies. An HR audit by one of the best HR consulting firms can facilitate the organization in aligning itself with the ever-changing rules and regulations and abiding by the statutory compliance. It is also very helpful in reviewing HR policies and procedures and taking a decision regarding them. HR policies may have to be modified, updated or removed and new policies may need to be implemented. An audit performed effectively gives useful insights that help in understanding the need of review of the organization’s policies and procedures. The benefits of an HR audit by a human resources consultancy of repute can be outlined as below:

Classification of HR department’s duties and responsibilities

  • Increase in the professional image of the department.
  • Identification of the invaluable contributions made by the department.
  • Encouragement to implement personnel policies accurately and implement any changes if required.
  • Assurance of timely compliance with all statutory requirements.
  • Identification of any deviations from the set standards of the organization and any critical issues of the employees.

To take advantage of all these benefits for your organization reach out to Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad. Though HR audit is not mandatory, it provides immense value to the organization by evaluating the department’s services and assessing its compliance with the statutory laws.

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