Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Benefits of Tracking Attendance of Employees

One of the most tedious and cumbersome jobs for an organization is the tracking of attendance of its employees. This is also the commonly neglected area in the process of searching ways to increase revenue. Businesses usually look at different outward methods to generate and increase income, thus, neglecting the scope of employee attendance. Time theft is a major issue with many organizations as it results in the loss of valuable productive hours and revenues. Almost all the people associated with the payroll task agree that it is a grueling and stressful job to track the time and attendance of employees.

Attendance of employees is tracked in every organization in some way or the other, even if the benefits are not fully understood by the employers. The collection of data regarding time and attendance tracking should be done very systematically so that the data is accurate and reliable to be used for making business decisions. Let us understand how such employee attendance tracking is beneficial.

  • Identifying attendance issues: There are many human resources consultancy organizations that can help organizations to understand the importance and effective ways of tracking the time and attendance of employees. The first and most important benefit of tracking attendance is finding out the issues related to attendance that are to be addressed. For an organization to be successful and work to its full potential, its employees should arrive and leave at stipulated times and even their break times should not be misused. HR consultancy services can provide guidelines to monitor scheduled and unscheduled leaves along with the attendance policies that have to be enforced for a smooth workflow.
  • Full and prompt payment: Employee attendance is the most helpful for payroll. When accurate data regarding week offs, leaves etc. is available readily, employers can accurately calculate the salaries to be paid to employees on time and this boosts the employee morale if they receive their salaries promptly.
  • Reduce Absenteeism: HR consultants say that frequent absenteeism has a negative impact on the organization. Unusual levels of absenteeism of any employee can be identified and rectified quickly and effectively if accurate and complete records of attendance are available with the management.
  • Productivity analysis: Productivity and attendance are related to each other which make it absolutely necessary for any organization to track the employee attendance properly to analyze the productivity of the staff. Proper analysis of attendance and productivity data help in identifying the issues that result in losses to the organization.

Payroll management which includes tracking the time and attendance of employees is one of the core jobs of human resources department of an organization. For those small organizations which do not have an in-house HR department, there are many human resources consultancy offices that perform these jobs for them. Accuprosys is one of the best HR consultancy services organizations in Hyderabad that has proficient HR consultants to handle all your HR needs.

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