Tuesday, 23 May 2017

HR Trends to Watch Out For!

The last couple of years have brought a number of dramatic changes in redefining the essence of great workplace. Employee satisfaction has become a strategic role for HR. In this context, it’s important to turn around a take a gist of of what practices can be eliminated and what needs to be brought in.
Below is a list of the four trends that are most likely to impact HR in 2017:
1. New generation ready to take the place of Millennials.
 We are just settling in with buzz raised by the millennial work force, what their needs are and how they should be dealt with. Just when we have figured out, it’s already time to welcome the new generation into the scene. The millennial are older now!  The challenge is to once again identify the mindsets and expectations of the new generation and align the organizational culture accordingly while understanding and working toward making the millennials ready to lead.
2. Top seat for organizational culture and ethics.
Several companies in the past few years have been scandalized for harmful cultures that harnessed unethical business practices. Thus imposing high standard set by top management that squeeze out employee energies from all corners, leading employees to cut corners to reach them. A C&D university research concludes that employee satisfaction is almost always associated with effective and ethical cultures.  
Building a strong culture cannot happen with efforts of a clustered management group alone. Opinions of everyone must be considered. Hence, a significant challenge for HR in 2017 will be to find ways to collect honest employee feedback regarding business practices and see how to make amends accordingly.
 3. Annual appraisal – What is that?
 Annual performance review is passé now, as we all know. Several companies like Deloitte, Adobe, Accenture, GE and SAP announce that they are eliminating annual performance appraisal in the year 2015-2016. But it has been observed that this did not the serve the purpose as planned.   
This proves that just eliminating the old systems is not enough, but systematic and strategic re-design of the process is the most important. This trend in the year 2017 demands HR to make extra efforts on collection of data for change management so as to perfectly redesign up-to-date performance management system that works in the favor of the organization.
 4. Separating pay from performance
 After ditching the annual review the major issue faced by the organizations is the question about the pay, should the pay be increase the same way. But, linking performance and pay is continued, then the main purpose of leaving annual appraisal is defeated.
A method has to be created using a learning based approach with high feedback.  This will be a challenge to confront.

Moving forward with the above things in agenda will immensely keep the organization flowing free and fluid with the right balance.