Saturday, 3 June 2017

Web Design Trends in Vogue in 2017

It’s a good idea to take a hard look at your existing website every year to spot the areas of improvement. It’s important to be familiar with the latest trends and see how we can incorporate those into ours from time to time. The trends may range from font to functionality to color to typography. This is pretty much the scenario in 2017.

Let us see in detail some latest trends.

1. Gradients

Gradients were in trend a few years ago and went missing for a bit, later on. Now again, they are back with a bang. As against the more low-key gradient style back then, now it is all about bright and bold colors.
Two gradient overlay is one of the most used one. Especially when there is no other image to work upon and it looks absolutely stunning. You might want to try this out. This trend is here to stay!

2. Video with sound
This is a generation that likes to get all info through small, candid and effective videos. Websites can catch up with this trend by playing a trailer kind of video or a full-length informative one. Just take enough care to see the videos are not auto play and you’re your audience to decide if they wish to watvh it or not. If yes, a bit of options to choose sound or otherwise.
Yes, one thing to bear in mind is that the content must be absolutely fabulous that will make the audience want to watch.

3. Virtual Reality (Almost)

VR is the computer-generated simulation of a 3D image or an interactive environment in an almost real way by using specific equipment.
 VR is most certainly going to be the number one trend going forward. Every business that requires interactive platforms will need to use VR. You will need to be prepared to implement this in required formats such as 3D.

4. Parallax and a little more of it

Last couple of years had parallax scrolling effects rolling big time. The mouse based movements have only gotten better and much fancier.
For example: The website doesn’t have to move down necessarily. Also some layered design look and feel. The more real it looks the better it is.

5. Minimalistic Homepages

Minimalism, simplicity are the most essential key words for any web design in the present times. Gone are those days when too much info was contained on the homepage. Now it is about one simple line making a statement and setting the tone for the rest of the journey. Heavy homepages will go off line very soon.

6. Shift in Navigation Styles

Aren’t we bored of the top-right navigation bars from eons? This shift is pretty pleasant. It could be on the sides of the page or a hidden pop-up. It serves well provided the placement is pretty obvious. But yes, care must be taken to study about the users of the site. The thumb rule is the user should be able to understand the navigation intuitively. You must decide this after considering your audience.

7. Neutral Color Palettes

The present trend is all about the neutral color palettes like beige and other muted tones as against bold and bright colors. Watch out for some soothing hues online!

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