Tuesday, 25 April 2017

An impactful LOGO – What goes into designing one?

What is the big deal about designing a logo, one may wonder. But, that’s only until you start strategizing what exactly do you the logo to reflect about your Company!
Anyone can design a logo, but is it communicating your message?
A logo is not just a drawing or a digital picture. It actually functions as the face of your brand. They say the first impact you create lasts a while and that’s exactly why we must keep in mind the brand image, admiration and loyalty.
Lets the characteristics that make your logo impactful!
The Foremost: The Design Must Be Original:                                                                              

Imitation idea and concepts is a punishable piracy and more than that it is such a turnoff! Every organization seeks unique identity for their brand that will make the stand out in the crowd. While there is no harm in taking inspiration from others, the final output has to come alive originally.

The Design Must Be Relevant:

Some logos that look absolutely gorgeous do not stand out or turn out successful. No prizes for guessing why! This is simply because the design just doesn’t suit the product/service that the company is offering. For example, neon-colored playful logo for a corporate just doesn’t sink in. It’s got to look sleek. Hence, It becomes important to research well about the business, its mission, and target audience before starting the design.

The Design Must Be Versatile:

Logo is used at several places such as websites, stationery, banners and large billboards to something as simple as small like business cards. A scalable logo has got to be the one. It must maintain total clarity, readability and that which maintains minute details. So it is important to create a scalable logo that is legible and maintains detail at all sizes. One more important aspect is that the logo has to be versatile in terms of color - it should equally good in black and white, as well as in color. Consider the following while designing a logo are:
The logo must look good in reverse color.
·         The logo must be clear and visible in all sizes.
·         The logo must look as effective when printed in a single color.

The Design Must Be Memorable:

The logo must be so easy to memorize that even kids are able to recall which company’s logo it is and what do they sell. Let’s say Mc Donald’s logo. It must make a lasting impression. 

The Design Must Be Timeless:

The biggest mistakes one can make while designing a logo is go by the present trend. The main qualities of a classy logo are that it’s timeless and traditional and not trendy. Its effectiveness has to be long lasting.


In short, keep it simple, clean, traditional, versatile and classy!

“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English--but are great in remembering signs” 
 Karl Lagerfeld

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