Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tips to Retain Talented Employees

It is often seen that the most talented or experienced employees quit the organization and the management is worried about their leaving the organization. When experienced and the best employees quit, it is a costly affair for the management because the business is disturbed after those employees have left. In such scenarios, some organizations seek advice from HR consultancy services to identify the issues that prompt these employees to quit and find a solution to those issues. Here, in such cases, many times the HR consultants feel that employees don’t quit their jobs, but quit their managers. One of the most common reasons for employees leaving the organization is that they don’t get along with their managers. However, this can be rectified with a little effort from the management side and a high rate of retention can be achieved. 

  • Never Overload:  Human resources consultancy professionals say that the major factor that influences an employee to quit is the overload that he/she can’t tackle. Managers usually tend to get more work done by people who can do excellent work and don’t mind going that extra mile to finish a task. Initially, employees may feel that they are being recognized for their capabilities but, later on, it gets counterproductive as they find it as a penalty for doing a great job. Making employees overwork on a regular basis without a raise, or a promotion or an added authority will suffocate them and induce them to quit. Hence, managers should be able to desist themselves from overburdening employees with work.
  • Recognize the real performers: Often it is seen that one of the reasons employees quit their job is that their work is not recognized and appreciated. All human beings crave for recognition. When employees put extra efforts to complete a task, they expect recognition of their efforts and appreciation for the same, apart from the monetary benefits that are due to them. So, management should team up with an HR consultant if necessary to streamline the process of identifying the top performers and recognize their efforts with a raise or an award.
  • Show some care:  Employees who leave the organization because of their managers, do so when managers are not cordial with them and don’t share a good rapport. To retain good employees it is necessary that managers care for their employees and empathize with them in times of need. Human resources consultancy professionals analyze that, organizations which have managers who care for their employees have lower turnover rates. 
  • Hire and promote only the right talent: When managers hire or promote someone who is not appropriate for the job, the others in the team get demotivated to work enthusiastically and that shows an impact on the productivity. Hence, it is the correct approach to hire and promote only those people who are genuinely talented and will gel with the rest of the team.
  • Provide a platform for development: A quality of good managers is that they identify potential capabilities of employees to develop and help them in honing their skills. They also identify areas where the employees need to correct their actions and suggest them remedial solutions. In short, great managers are good at identifying the training and development needs of employees and work accordingly. They also let the employees pursue their passion or interests if they don’t hinder their productivity so that it boosts their morale.

These are some of the tips that an organization can follow to retain its best talent with it. However, there will be instances when employees quit and you need to hire again. Consult Accuprosys, one of the best HR consultancy services providers in Hyderabad, for all your HR related issues.

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