Friday, 2 February 2018

Role of a Landing Page in a Web Design

A landing page is a web page that acts as a standalone web page created for the purpose of a marketing campaign. In simple words, it is the page where a visitor lands when they have clicked on a link. A landing page is also called a “lander” or a “destination page”. A landing page is generally linked to social media, email ad campaigns and is used to generate leads.  The main idea of using landing pages is the conversion of site visitors into leads or sales. IT consultants can be hired to develop landing pages that are specifically designed with the purpose of Call to Action (CTA). 

Why do you need a landing page?
Businesses need to develop landing pages with IT support as a part of digital marketing because they are targeted to a particular group of visitors and thus they can convert more number of your website visitors into leads. According to IT consulting firms and the digital marketing professionals, one grave mistake done by many businesses is that they send their ad campaign traffic to their homepage. This is a big distraction for the visitors as they don’t know why they have landed there and what to do there. Instead of this, the traffic of your ad campaigns should be directed towards a landing page because you already know that this traffic is your targeted group of visitors and you want them to take a Call of Action. Directing your targeted traffic to the landing page prompts them to complete the action which is what you ultimately want. This will drastically improve your online marketing effectiveness.

How can you make your landing page effective?

Just creating a landing page is not sufficient. It has to be made effective by taking into consideration some key points.

  • Your offer should be valuable: First thing to be noted is that only if you have a valuable offer, your visitors will be interested in you and provide their information in exchange. You should ask your IT consultants to design the landing page in such a manner that it demonstrates the value you are offering.
  • Be precise: Make the form in your landing page as precise as possible, as lengthy landing page forms cause inconvenience to the visitors and discourage them to go further. Short and straightforward lead forms on your landing page increase the conversion rate.
  • Give limited navigation: Since landing pages are the place where your visitors take an action that you intend them to take, don’t distract them with unwanted and unnecessary navigation. Discuss with your IT support team and design the landing page in such a way that your visitors get focused on filling out the form. 

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