Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How to Manage Attendance Issues in the Organization?

One of the major issues for any organization is related to its employees and it is managing their attendance issues as it is directly related to the payroll management. It is required for all employees to take sufficient break from work so as to manage their personal life and recoup their energy levels without being stressed out with the work load. But, this does not mean they take leaves as they like which results in loss of productivity and causes inconvenience to other employees and the organization. HR management consulting firms opine that if left unnoticed, attendance issues can result in a lot of employee grievances and financial losses to the organization. Here are some points to be noted while managing attendance issues.

  • Frequency of absenteeism: For many small organizations, in the absence of a dedicated in-house HR team, it becomes difficult to maintain and track attendance of employees. In such cases, HR consultancy services come to the rescue of these organizations. When there is an issue of absenteeism regarding any employee, first it has to be checked if the employee is taking breaks too often and regularly. Is the employee’s absenteeism affecting the work or the co-workers have to be ascertained before taking any action on the employee.
  • Reasons for absenteeism: To decide on any course of action for an employee’s absenteeism issue, it has to be checked if the employee’s absenteeism is legitimate and acceptable to the organization. For this, the HR consultants suggest that the employee needs to submit necessary proofs if he has missed the work schedule due to any personal reasons. Here one thing that has to be remembered is that any action against the employee is unwarranted if the absenteeism is due to any health issue and the organization can discuss with the employee as to how much time is required by the employee to manage the health issue and get back to work normally.
  • Previous performance: HR consultancy services strongly recommend that before taking any course of action on an employee for absenteeism issues, the previous performance of the employee should be considered. HR consultants feel that if an employee’s past performance and records have been satisfactory, and if there is any deviation now, it could be due to some genuine reason and that needs to be tackled. 

In the cases where employees are ditching their work regularly, some corrective steps or measures need to be taken considering the above points. Consult our experts at Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad, for all your attendance management queries.

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