Friday, 27 October 2017

Understanding SEO and SMO

In the digital world we are living, we cannot imagine things without the internet. Any information we need is available on the internet just a click far. If you have a business website or a blog and you want it to reach the maximum number of internet users, then how do you do it? Here come, the important elements in digital marketing – search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) and the importance of an SEO analyst. Search engine optimization and social media optimization have become big concerns for people who manage the websites as they create a substantial impact on the number of visitors coming to a website. Here in this article, we shall understand the concepts of SEO and SMO.

SEO: Search engine optimization is a term we have been hearing for some time now. SEO is a process that improves the ranking of a website in a search engine by helping the website to be on the top of the search engine results page. It means that the higher a website rank is in a search engine like Google, Bing etc., the more visitors it gets. Search engine optimization is usually based on the keywords that are the search terms typed into the search engines. SEO is done by the SEO analyst considering the target audience of the search engines and is used to target various types of searches like local search, academic search, news search, image search etc.

SMO: Social media optimization is the process of increasing the reach of a product or service or an event by using various social media channels and communities to create greater publicity. Social media optimization is also used to increase traffic to a website, but, with the use of social media. This may be done by using RSS feeds, blogging sites, social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. The purpose of using social media optimization on a website works only when the content is put in such a way on the website that it can be easily shared on social media, which can be done by using widgets or social media buttons.

Though both search engine optimization and social media optimization sound similar, there is a difference in them and branding firms can help your website with both these elements of digital marketing to improve traffic to your website. 

  • When your website comes up on the top of search engine results page, it is because of the keywords or terms related to your website. This is done by search engine optimization. SEO is a set of methods or strategies that are used to bring more traffic to a website. In a way, SMO is a strategy used as part of SEO.
  • When your website gets traffic because of a recommendation or a mention by another person or in another website that the visitor visits, it is because of social media optimization. SMO helps your website to increase its visibility and strengthen its brand as optimizing through social media brings with it familiarity and faith towards your website because visitors come to your website through a recommendation from others. 

For effective search engine optimization and social media optimization for your business, you should hire a brand consultant who has specialized knowledge in these aspects. Accuprosys is one of the leading branding firms in Hyderabad that can provide you the services of a brand consultant to help in your business and website growth.

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