Friday, 20 October 2017

Types of Training that Can Enrich an Organization

Training and development is an integral part of human resources functions which is very much required to keep the employees engaged in personal and professional growth. There are various types of training and each of them is used at various points in the process of training and development

Companies have to indulge in some of these or all of these types of training at different occasions. If the companies do not have sufficient human resources to carry on with the training function, then a humanresource consultancy comes to their rescue in providing the different types of training.

Induction Training:  The first kind of training starts at the beginning of an employee’s job. It is the induction training. This is very crucial to make the employee understand the new organization’s environment in the matters related to day-to-day functioning, the organization’s products & services and the rules and regulations that have to be adhered to while working with the organization. This is also known as orientation training and helps the employee get a fair idea about his role and responsibilities. This type of training also helps in getting the new employee accustomed to the working environment thereby reducing the employee’s nervousness at a new place.

Job Training: This training is related to the specific job the employee has to perform through which the employee gains confidence and the required skills that enable the employee to perform his job effectively.

Technical Training: Various jobs require various levels of technical knowledge and skills. All the employees may not be equipped with these skills at the time of employment. In this scenario, technical training plays an important role in training and development of an employee. Technical training or technological training is meant to train the employee with the required technical skills that are mandatory for a job or are helpful in the employee’s career growth. In some cases when a technology is being implemented in a job, the training pertaining to that has to be imparted for the smooth transition from one technology to another.

Quality Training: In a business that is production-based quality training plays a significant role.  This refers to making the employees understand the ways of prevention, detection and elimination of products that are not adhering to the set quality standards. When entering global markets, the importance of international quality standards comes to the fore. ISO has developed a number of quality standards based on various metrics. Training employees in these standards works for the betterment of the organization as it results in cost controlling and gives an edge in marketing.

Soft Skills Training: HR consulting firms are always laying stress on the fact that soft skills play a crucial role in the overall development of an employee. Soft skills are skills related to personality traits, social behavior and communication skills. For some jobs, leadership qualities and motivational skills are required. These kinds of skills can be given to employees with soft skills training.

Team Training:  A human resource consultancy can help an organization in its team building activities and team training.  Team training is a method that allows employees to improve unity among them and enhance their decision making and problem-solving skills to achieve the organizational goals as a team.          

Different types of training are used for different needs based on the organizational goals and employee requirements. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms in Hyderabad for your organization’s training needs. 
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