Thursday, 29 March 2018

Address Employee Grievances to Increase Productivity

Having happy employees on board shows that you have a great employee engagement policy and you address the employee grievances in the best possible manner. Happy employees create a fabulous workplace and boost creativity, productivity, and quality of service. One important factor that keeps employees happy is the reason that the employer or the management is concerned about them and addresses their grievances in time. 

Every organization has its share of discord among its employees relating to various matters like roles, responsibilities, the delegation of authorities, appraisals, recognition and corporate laws. HR management consulting firms opine that these issues that start with very trivial things take an ugly turn if ignored. To avoid such situations, the management should take effective measures to address any kind of employee grievances and ensure that the employees and the employer have an amiable and healthy relationship amongst them. The best way to handle these issues and employee grievances is to have an in-house grievance department. But, not all organizations can afford to have a grievance department within the organization. Such businesses can hire a human resources consultancy to handle these issues effectively and increase the overall productivity of the organization. Here given are the steps involved in the employee grievance management. 

  • Identify the grievance: Identifying that there is a grievance and getting to the source of that grievance is the first step in effectively handling employee grievances. Only when there is open communication system in the organization can employees come and tell about their grievances with the hope that they will be addressed. So, it is important that the management is open to hearing the employees and their concerns to identify issues that can become grievances. 
  • Acknowledge the grievance: HR consulting services professionals believe that acknowledging the employees’ concerns is a must to assure them that the management is really inclined to solve their problems and their happiness is an important concern for the organization.
  • Gather info: Before getting into the process of decision making, it is important that all the critical information regarding the grievance is gathered without any bias. It is an advantage to outsourcing employee grievances to HR consulting firms as they are not in favor of any one party to the issue. 
  • Examine the facts: Based on the information collected, examine the facts and analyze the situation. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to deal with such matters as they involve people and their emotions. If the employee feels that his/her issue is not dealt with properly, it may lead to further dissatisfaction and may prompt to leave the organization, which is not good for both the organization and the employee. To avoid these kinds of situations, it is better to hire professional human resources consultancy services for the best employee grievance management. 
  • Take a decision: Upon investigating thoroughly take a decision which is not prejudiced towards any party to the issue and act on it. It should be taken care of that the employee’s grievance is resolved satisfactorily and works towards the welfare of the organization. 

Employee grievances must be handled effectively in order to build a positive employee experience in the organization. Developing an effective and efficient employee engagement strategy and employee grievance redressal system is a challenging task that can be handed over to professional HR consulting services like Accuprosys to concentrate better on your actual business. 

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