Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Software Development Life Cycle and its Phases

Software development life cycle or software development process is a framework used to design, develop and test software. In this process, tasks are defined that have to be performed at each stage of the software development lifecycle. The end result of a software development process is creating software with the lowest cost in the shortest span that is of the highest quality. Though there are many companies that deal with software development in Hyderabad you have to choose the best company that understands your needs exactly. Every software development goes through few stages that are vital to make the software successful.

Identification of requirement: The analysis of who uses the product, for what purpose, how it is used, what are going to be the inputs and what output is desired is the key to create a satisfactory product. This is the first phase in software development where the key data is gathered from the inputs of all the parties concerned like stakeholders, the IT consultants, sales team and the end users of the product. After all the information is gathered and analyzed, it is also studied if developing software with these requirements is possible.

Design: From the requirement specifications arrived at in the first phase, a system design is prepared that facilitates in defining the hardware and system requirements for the overall design architecture. This system design is reviewed by all the stakeholders and feedback is given. Failure to incorporate the stakeholders’ inputs at this phase may result in various troubles from costing issues to project failure.

Building software: When a perfect plan is ready through the previous phases with all the details required the next phase is the one where the actual coding is done and software is built. For the IT consultants, this is the main focus area and it is the longest phase of the software development process.

Testing: Once the code is developed it has to be tested to check if it is meeting the initial requirements and is a perfect solution addressing the needs gathered during the first phase. If any defects or deficiencies are found, those issues are fixed at this stage until the product meets the original requirement specifications. Two types of testing are done at this stage – functional and non-functional. Functional testing includes unit testing, integration testing etc. Non-functional testing includes reliability testing, usability testing etc.

Deployment: This is the phase where the software is deployed to the customer or end user. This is usually done in a limited way initially to get feedback from the end users regarding the performance of the product which is beta testing. Depending on the feedback, adjustments are made to the product in case they any bugs are caught. Then the software is finally deployed.

Maintenance: When the final deployment is done and the customers start using the software then, different issues arise and need to be solved in time with the help of IT support. Also, with time, situations change and software needs to be updated to meet the changing conditions. This process of taking care of issues arising for developed software by providing IT support is the phase of maintenance.           
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