Thursday, 12 October 2017

Importance of Employee Recognition

What is work culture (small intro):

Recognizing and aptly rewarding employee performance and contribution are crucial in creating a quality work culture. When employees are appreciated for their efforts, it boosts their morale, increases their esteem and makes them satisfied with their job. This enhances their urge for qualitative work and increases productivity. HR management consulting professionals believe that employees who are appreciated feel more positive about themselves and their abilities. It turns out in most cases that employees with positive self-esteem are your potential best employees. Organizations can reap many benefits by recognizing their employees’ contributions and for this, they can approach HR consulting firms.

Improved productivity: All employees are employed to contribute and work. However, some employees perform better than others and contribute more. Such employees stand out to be more proactive in their work and productive. These employees should be recognized for their extra efforts and praised. This will encourage other employees also to perform better and thus increase productivity.

Increased job satisfaction: Recognizing employees’ contribution and praising gives the impression that the work done by them is valuable to your organization and they hold their worth. This gives the satisfaction that there work is deemed to be worthy and it gives them much encouragement to work even better.

Retention: When employees’ efforts are properly recognized and they are satisfied with the work and the management, they tend to be loyal towards the organization and that results in higher retention rates. This gives enough reason to rejoice as it does not require an additional investment of time and finance in the recruitment and training of the new staff.

Team spirit: HR consultants opine that recognition programs that include recommendations from team members increase the team spirit as they inspire to identify and appreciate the positive attributes in others. Also, these kinds of recognitions encourage a kind of work culture where employees value each other’s opinions.

Everyone agrees that employee recognition is important for the benefit of both employee and employer. However, it is also found in many organizations that it is not given its due importance. Why that employee recognition is is not one of the top agendas of organizations? Let us ponder over the challenges faced by organizations in employee recognition.

Lack of time: One of the reasons that many organizations cite to the HR consultants for not following employee recognition programs is that they cannot spend much time for this.

Inadequate knowledge: Many people do not know how to evaluate employees’ performance and the effective ways of employee recognition. So, when they do it without much knowledge and expertise, they do it in a wrong way and invite negative vibes. It should be remembered that one strategy will not be applicable for all, in the matters of employee recognition. Hence, it is better to handover this key responsibility to HR management consulting people who are experts in these matters.

Negative results: As a result of lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with employee recognition, many times these efforts give negative results like complaints, jealousy among peers and dissatisfaction.

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