Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Increase Brand Awareness to Improve Sales

When consumers know that a company has manufactured a product and it is available for buying, then it is brand awareness of that product. Creating brand awareness among consumers is essential in the Brand development and making a product successful. This is all the more important when a new product or service is launched by a company. Companies and products that have high brand awareness generate more sales and profits compared to their competitors. Branding firms can help companies in creating great brand awareness for their products. Brand awareness is a combination of brand recall and brand recognition.

Brand recall: It is the ability of consumers to correctly recollect a brand name when a product category is mentioned to them. It is seen from studies that usually for a product category with high-interest consumers can recall around 3-5 brand names. For a product category with low-interest, the brand recall drops to even 1-2 brand names.

Brand recognition: It is the ability of consumers to correctly identify a product and differentiate it from others when they see the product. It is not mandatory that they recall the brand name but the consumers should be able to recognize the product when they come in contact with it.

Importance of brand awareness:
Consumers tend to buy from a familiar company or brand because it is assumed that an established brand will deliver what it has promised and will be consistent in keeping its word. Another important aspect of brand awareness is that consumers are more likely to buy an established brand product than a non-brand product even with less consideration for the price of the product. Thus, Brand development and brand awareness play a vital role in generating leads and making sales.

Increase your product’s brand awareness:
You may have created a great product that is very useful to consumers, but if consumers are not aware of the product, it will remain in the storehouses and you will not be able to make any sales. Without creating proper brand awareness all other efforts will be futile and will not give positive results. A good Brand consultant will not leave any stone unturned and will help you in creating great brand awareness for your product. Let us take a look at some of the best ways to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Traditional way - Create brand awareness of your product in the traditional way with the use of print media. Though the number of people who read newspapers and magazines has declined due to the emergence of electronic media, there are still considerable numbers of people who indulge in reading for information. Select the publications that have wide circulation and readership and display your ads in a prominent way.

Social media way – Improve the reach of your product through the web and social media presence. These days most of the businesses are done on the internet, so it’s a good option to hire a Brand consultant who can help with you search engine optimization and increase your product reach on various social media like facebook, twitter and blogs.

Display way – The easiest and basic method to increase your product reach is to display it in the places where consumers frequently visit. The more the visibility of the product, the more the brand recall value.

To increase your brand recognition and brand recall, hire the services of Branding firms like Accuprosys that understand the nuances of brand awareness and facilitate wide reach of your products.

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