Friday, 1 September 2017

Essentials for a Good Web Design

Each and every aspect of our life is some way or other connected to the internet these days which is resulting in internet users becoming choosy than earlier about the sites they visit. Creating a web design that is user-friendly, pleasing to the eyes, builds a brand for the company and most importantly gives information that it is supposed to, is an onerous task which requires certain skill sets and proficiency in doing it. There are a number of Custom website builders who can take care of all these matters and provide the best Website creation services. Here is a crisp lineup of essentials that are required to create an effective website.

Introduce the company: The basic element of a website is to tell the world who you are and for what you are on the internet. Unless you give this information on the homepage, visitors will not understand why they have come to your site. However, this may not be necessary for big companies which are already well established and have a brand value. For e.g. Nike doesn’t need an introduction on its homepage.  

Visual guide: The website should be designed such a way that all the necessary information is in an organized manner and the user is guided from one aspect to the other. The placement of the logo, the tagline, and links to other pages all should be well placed to catch the attention of the user and at the same time, they should be easy to navigate. This may be taken care of by the website creation services companies taking into consideration these:

  • Colors: The colors used on the web site have to be vibrant and at the same time, they should be consistent with your company’s branding colors and values, so that users get connected easily.
  • Position: The positioning of a text, image, a video or any link has to be carefully decided because this influences the visitor to navigate through the website.
  • Size: The size of any particular thing on the website also influences the way it is perceived by the visitor as big things are the ones that attract first. Prioritize what has to be shown in a bigger size and what in a smaller size.
  • Stand-out elements: If you want the attention of the visitor on any particular thing, then point out that with some arrow or a contrasting color scheme.

User- friendly Navigation: One of the most significant elements in an effective web design is the navigation system of the site. To enable the visitors to frequent the site and enjoy the experience of the website, it is utmost important that they are able to navigate within the website with ease. The navigation buttons should be clearly visible and should be pretty clear as to where the button would take the visitor.

Repeating visitors: To make the web users repeatedly visit your site, you can add features to the website which are interesting to the users but are available only on registering with your site. Such features add information to your potential customer database and also increase the traffic to your site.

Contact info: Last but not the least, giving your contact information is very vital. Giving your contact information clearly not only increases your credibility but also helps retain potential customers, because, without this information, users tend to look for competitors.                                         

Every business has to create a unique website considering all these elements which can help it to grow in the business. You can approach Custom website builders who can do this for you excellently.

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