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Reach Internet Users through Web Hosting

These days every business has a website. Companies are hiring developers to build websites and they are creating wonderful web pages and sites. But how do others know about these websites that are created in the company’s computers? A website has to be hosted or stored on a special computer, which is called server, in order to be visible to others on a web browser. The method of storing or hosting your websites on a server so as to make it visible to others and available for surfing is called web hosting. The companies which provide this service are called Webhosting services providers. 

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Now, it’s common to get a doubt that when a website can be created by a person in a personal computer at home, why can’t it be hosted from the same computer? The answer to this is, one can surely host a website on a personal computer, but, it requires -

  •  Lot of technical know-how of setting up software required that allows others to access your website;
  • very high- speed internet connection that is generally not provided by internet service providers for home connections;
  • Your computer to be switched on forever or else, internet users will not be able to view your site.

So, to tackle these issues we have Web hosting services providers who charge a particular amount and host your website. These companies provide different kinds of hosting services which can be categorized as:

  • Website building services –  services for website building along with hosting are provided.
  • Shared hosting services – in this type, your website shares hosting space of the server with some other sites, which is economically viable for small businesses as the cost of the hosting space is shared among all website owners
  • Dedicated hosting services – in this type, your website has the whole server space exclusively for you and is costly because the server operation costs have to be borne entirely by you 
  • Collocated hosting services – here, you buy a server for yourself for which you take responsibility but host it in the web hosting service providers’ facilities.

The intricacies in publishing a website on the internet create the need for companies which provide IT support in web hosting. Accuprosys is one of the top IT consultants in Hyderabad that provides web hosting services along with web designing services and domain registration services. Listed below are the different things that IT support people take care of to get web hosting for a company:

Domain name:  In order to post a website or web page on the internet, the first thing required is the domain name. In layman’s language, it is the website address, e.g. abc.com, which gives the path to the website. A domain name can be bought from a registrar for a price they fix.

DNS: Domain Name Server (DNS) are systems or computers that manage to see if the domain name of a website corresponds to the correct IP address of the computer that has that website.  A DNS makes sure that when you type the address of a website in a browser, it does not take you to a wrong computer with someone else’s website.

Hosting: Hosting refers to the storage of all our website files, images etc. in a folder in a computer called server. You pay money to a company to buy that storage which is hosting service offered by that company.

Now, each one of us cannot be Jack of all trades. It is not possible and feasible for everyone to do everything related to a business on their own. Hence, Accuprosys, best IT Consultants in Hyderabad is here to help you with web hosting.

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