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Mistakes That Cost Your Brand Image

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Businesses often invest lots of time and money in creating a brand for themselves. But, once they are done with choosing name, logo and the tagline, they think branding work is finished and rest will be taken care of automatically. This is not true and branding has to be done on a continuous basis. Brand development should take place as an ongoing process with the unified effort of all people involved in the business. In this process, care should be taken to avoid certain things that could prove disastrous to the brand and business. Let us take a look at some of the common mistakes in branding that are avoidable with little care, according to top branding consultants.

  • Inconsistency in branding: Fruits of branding cannot be tasted with just a couple of marketing tools like print ads or TV commercials. There should be consistent efforts of branding through all the sources of marketing. Customers should be able to hear or see your brand name, logo and tagline on different media like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, websites, social media channels regularly so that your brand is registered in their minds.
  • Not using visuals appropriately: Inability to create proper visuals that remind of a brand is a major setback in branding. You should be able to make consistent visuals with the brand name and logo that represent your company and utilize every chance to present them to the customers. It should be always remembered that visuals create a great impact and are remembered better than anything else. It’s a wise thing to consult branding firms to bring better visuals that make an impact on the customers. 
  • Ignoring that tagline is crucial: Businesses should not come with taglines just for the sake of having them. A tagline should be consistent and in line with the values of the company and services that it offers. A tagline should tell what your company believes in or what it is offering. Customers remember brands better when they can connect with the tagline. For example, Amul’s tagline –‘utterly butterly delicious’ gives the sense of delicious butter and other milk products as soon as they think of Amul 
  • Using outdated marketing collateral: Never ever use the same marketing tools for too many years. Do not get your brochures or other marketing collateral printed in thousands of copies and stack them conveniently to use them for the coming decade. As we have discussed earlier, brand development is an ongoing process and things like brochures and leaflets should be always brought out with new ideas and visuals to catch the eye of the customers.

  • Failure in identifying the branding business:   If you have a business with multiple products or services, do not confuse the customers with a comprehensive list while branding. Decide on one product or service that is your core business and its unique selling proposition. There are a number of branding firms that can help you in creating a brand for this product and your business.

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