Friday, 6 April 2018

Top Recruitment Trends that will Impact

It’s not exaggerating to say that technology has changed the way we live. When everything is changing and everyone is embracing technology, then how come the HR department and their processes would be left out? Data analytics and technology are going to impact the way recruitments will happen in a great way.  Here are some of the top recruitment trends given by HR consultants for this year that you shouldn’t ignore.

Using data analytics: A new method of recruitment is finding its place that takes the maximum advantage of digital technology and makes optimum utilization of data analytics. Large pools of data will be mined to shortlist potential candidates. It is a proven fact that organizations that have implemented data analytics into their organizations show higher productivity and greater ROI.
Innovative interviewing tools: In human resource consultancy professionals’ view, using technology especially video conferencing for interviewing and assessing candidates is beneficial. This is all the more advantageous in hiring remote workers or assessing candidates who are at a distant place. This will reduce time wasted on the candidates’ commute. Also, HR consultants can assess candidates with online soft skills assessments and conduct job auditions wherein the candidates are asked to do real work to assess their actual skills. 
Virtual Reality: According to human resources consultancy professionals it’s not absurd to ask the jobseekers to show their talent and expertise using virtual reality. Candidates can be asked to showcase their skills and potentiality by showing their previous work virtually.
Employee wellness: Ask HR consultants, and they will say that most of the human talent of many of the organizations today consists of highly-educated individuals who give utmost importance to work-life balance. It is getting increasingly challenging to acquire proper talent and retain that talent without appropriate employee engagement programs.  Hence, it has become a necessity to conduct employee wellness programs as a part of the recruitment process to bring higher levels of employee engagement, improve productivity and efficiency.
Mobile-friendly: Although we have embraced smartphones and other mobile devices in our lives with great enthusiasm, the employers are not using these mobile devices for job postings and other details. To counter this, the one thing that has to be done as soon as possible is making your website optimized for a mobile device so as to facilitate job searches on mobile. 

Like all things, recruitment procedure is also seeing a lot of changes and is embracing technology for faster and better results. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms for your recruitment needs.