Friday, 9 March 2018

Top Reasons that Make Lose the Sheen of Your Website

Nowadays websites have become the contact point for most of the businesses and the first impression of the website will etch a strong impression on the user for a long time. If the visitor will become a customer or not will be decided within moments the visitor visits a website. The design and layout of your website, especially the homepage will play a vital role in the decision process of a visitor to further probe your website or not. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to create your website such that it is easily navigable and at the same time has an aesthetic look which can be get done by hiring an IT consultant. Are you not able to garner traffic to your website? Is your website not able to hold onto its visitors?  Try to rectify these issues that could be the reasons your website is losing its sheen.

Basic HTML designs: Hiring an IT consulting firm and spending on the design of your website is wisdom rather than wastage of money. Basic HTML designs do not attract visitors and also give rise to the thought of suspicion on the authenticity of the website and its business. So, expenditure on the web design should be treated as an investment and designing should be done appropriately to suit the business needs.

Clutter:  Don’t ever try to give out all the information at the homepage itself as it will only increase clutter on the page and discourage visitors to go ahead and explore your website. By engaging an IT consultant, try to keep your website as simple as possible because simplicity and minimalism are trending in the world of web designing.

Typo/Grammar errors: Make sure your website is not crammed with content that does not have quality and is full of typo and grammar errors. Irrespective of the quality of your product or services, what people generally expect is absolutely flawless grammar and perfect language on the official website as people correlate it with the authenticity of your brand and product. To avoid losing visitors on this ground, better hire an IT consulting firm that can provide reliable content management solutions. 

Distraction by ads: Businesses often get carried away by the thought of generating revenue by offering space to others on their web page. But, this is a bit risky thing and needs a little bit of exercising caution, as ads may be too distracting for your website viewers who may not return to you if there are too many pop-ads and banners. 

Missing contact details: If the contact details of your business are not given on the website, it’s like inviting people without giving your address. Ensure that your website is giving the accurate contact details to interested viewers as these people are showing interest in your product and should not be lost due to lack of contact details. Any changes in the phone number or your physical store address should be immediately updated to hold the trust of customers with timely IT support.

To make the first impression the best impression, make sure you don’t have these issues with your website and contact us for any further queries. Just drop in a mail at info@accuprosys.com and we will be more than happy to help you.