Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Tips to Hire the Right Employee

Hiring is a tedious process for any organization and it requires people with great skills to screen a number of applications and select a person who is suitable for a vacant position. Hiring is a challenging process also as choosing a wrong person for a job gives negative results rather than being helpful for the organization. Hiring a right candidate has a positive effect as it increases productivity, results in better employee relations and enhances the work culture of the organization. Hiring is such a critical process for an organization and that is the reason there are so many HR firms to help you with this process and make it easier for you to get great employees on board. Here are some tips and steps that can help in scouting the right employee for your organization.

Define the job: Define the job for which you want to hire an employee as the first step. For this, you have to do the job analysis which enables you to understand the job role including the duties and responsibilities and the necessary skills required to perform the job. The job analysis should also give you a clear picture of the outcomes of the job and the environment in which the job has to be performed. Once the job analysis is done, it is easier to draft the job description which further eases your recruitment strategy planning. The process of job analysis and job description is the basis on which the recruitment procedure is dependent. So, it is a wise option to outsource this to a human resources consultancy which can do this perfectly. With your job description in hand, you are ready to plan the recruitment strategy by including all the key members who are involved in hiring the new employee.

Hiring Checklist: Create your checklist for hiring the employee that helps you in streamlining the process of hiring. This should include the need for a new employee, prioritizing the key skills and experience required for the position, deciding on the salary range for the position. This checklist facilitates to keep a track on your hiring efforts and communicating the progress regarding the hiring procedure to the hiring manager and the management.

Screen Carefully: Take the help of a human resource consultancy and use various methods to create a large pool of qualified candidates so that you can select the best candidate when you have to fill up a position. The more number of candidates you have, the more chances are there that you select the best- qualified candidate for the position. The major task of hiring an employee is the process of screening a large number of applications and selecting the candidate who meets all the requirements that are specified for the job.

Ask the right questions: Once the prescreening is done and the candidate is called for the interview, ask the powerful questions that help you to distinguish the most desirable candidates from the rest. The job interview is critical in selecting a perfect employee for a position. Hence, choose questions that help in determining the worth of the candidate and analyze the candidate’s attitude towards the organization in general and job in particular.

Background check: HR consulting professionals are of the opinion that it is must for any organization to perform a background check of a prospective employee and verify all the references provided by the employee to rule out any untoward incidents in the future.

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