Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Website Development – Designer vs. Developer

If you are venturing into creating a website for your business then who should you approach – a web designer or a web developer? You might be probably thinking, what’s the difference in the two. Though both the words designer and developer are used interchangeably both are not the same. The roles of web designers and web developers are different and each requires a unique set of skills. Website development requires both the web designers and web developers who complement each other’s work.

Web design: Diverse skills that involve many disciplines are required to become a web designer to create solutions in accordance with a client’s business rules and objectives. IT support professionals who are into web designing possess good designing skills, communication skills and a strong understanding of current market and trends. How artful, creative and useful a website is made depends on the web design. Hence, web designers ought to be skilled in using colors, graphic designs and the website information flow.

Key aspects of a web designer:

  • Being adept at using designing tools and software like Adobe, Pattern Lab and Sketch.
  • Great skills in graphics and logo design
  • Creating best user experience with good layout, buttons, and images.
  • Creating a website that is consistent with the website branding while using color schemes and fonts.

Web Development: Web development refers to all the coding that is required for the website to work. Web development can be categorized as front end and back end. The front end developer is responsible to bring life to the design of the web designer with his coding. The back end developer manages the data in the database. The Web developers in IT support team build a functional website from the design given by the web designers.

Key aspects of a web developer:

  • Take the design created by web designer and build a code to make the website functional.
  • Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP.
  • Knowledge of best UI and UX design practices to understand the web designer’s requirement and choose appropriate technology to bring life to the mock-ups.

Web design is related to what the user actually sees on a computer screen or mobile device, and web development is related to the mechanisms behind the screen that make it all work. Though both web designing and web development require specialized skills, they are interrelated. Accuprosys is one of the best IT consulting firms in Hyderabad to handle all your website development needs.

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