Friday, 29 September 2017

Trends Impacting Branding

Brand development is the essence of a business’s success. Even a great product without branding fails to grab consumer attention. To build a successful business developing a brand image in line with the latest trends is very important. Following are the latest trends in branding that are making a huge impact on the way businesses are performing.

Increasing use of videos: The possibilities of creating videos even on smartphones with minimal budgets have increased the use of videos in storytelling for brand development.

Mobile first concept: Smartphones have taken a huge place in our lives and they put us on the active mode 24/7. This is a significant aspect that is used by branding firms to enhance brand reach.

GPS based SEO: As more and more internet users are browsing on their mobile phones, GPS based SEO is taking a major part in the SEO factors that impact the search engine results. The SEO based on GPS is leaving behind the keywords concept search engine optimization.

Content marketing: Every brand strategy agency is giving importance to content marketing as never before done. More and more branding firms are including content marketing in their tool kit. Just any written work on websites, blogs or social media will not suffice. The more creative the content is, the more successful the branding is. The inclusion of visual content and videos for consistent engagement of consumers is gaining priority.

Data analytics: All the factors mentioned above, give a clear picture that the number of people going online for their activities is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds. This brings in the necessity to analyze the digital behavior of consumers and predict their buying patterns. Thus, a brand strategy agency has to implement data analytics in order to get an insight of the consumer behavior and patterns and build strategies to customize future promotions for the business.

Phygital strategy: Though online shopping has increased considerably in recent years, there is still room for retail stores. Many consumers tend to do lots of window shopping online before they visit a physical store for a purchase. This has created the concept of the phygital experience in retail industry.

Social media presence: With the ever-growing presence of social media in all walks of life, businesses have to make their presence felt in all the social media channels. Facebook and Snapchat are two trending social networks that can impact your branding strategies.

To develop successful brands and to remain a successful brand forever, it is utmost important to recognize the rapid changes in business and follow the strategies that are trending. Make branding to your success mantra with Accuprosys.

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