Monday, 11 September 2017

Hiring Mistakes by Small Businesses

Hiring is a process that impacts your business in the long run. It is a big deal for a small business that does not have a proper HR department. Few people share huge responsibilities in small businesses and hence each and every employee have a huge impact on the business. If enough time and effort is not put into hiring employees, you have a big risk of employing wrong people. As you know, a right person at the right place and the right time is very important in an organization. HR recruitment agencies can help you in avoiding the mistakes that you tend to do in employing right people.

Cost- cutting: One of the biggest mistakes many small entrepreneurs do is cost-cutting in the recruitment process. To save money they opt for a low-quality employee which is wrong. In order to delegate responsibilities they need to hire right people who may be costly initially but in the long run, great employees will prove to be cost-effective.

Not clear on job duties: If you don’t have a clear idea of the prospective employee’s job duties, you can’t hire a right person. Before you start the Recruitment process you should clearly define the job duties of the position you want to fill up so that you can assess the required experience and skill for that job. This will help you in the job posting and attract a suitable candidate for the job duties you defined.

Not having a recruitment process in place: It is not just enough to be clear on job duties, but it is also important to have a consistent recruitment process in place for hiring people. Having all candidates go through the same process ensures that the best candidate among people with similar qualifications is selected for a job.

Not verifying references: One of the biggest mistakes that can be avoided with the help of HR management consulting is not verifying references.  Many businesses tend to avoid this step of checking references because it is time-consuming. But, with this step, you can get a clear picture of the person and reasons to hire or not hire a person. Do a thorough check on the background of the candidate by contacting former employers or educational institutions to make sure that the candidate’s credentials are true.

Hiring one to do many jobs: It is a big mistake to think that hiring one person who can handle various tasks like a Jack of all trades will help the organization and will be cost effective. But this is not a right approach because companies need specialists who can do a job perfectly, not a Jack of all trades but master of none. Your business is likely to prosper if it has one person for each specific function who can deliver the best results with the limited resources of a small business. HR management consulting people can come to your rescue in such situations where you are in a dilemma to hire employees.

It should be remembered that the team you consolidate for your small business will make or break your dream come true. A proficient HR team at Accuprosys, one of the top HR recruitment agencies in Hyderabad, can help you in taking correct decisions regarding hiring people who can help you in your business growth.

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