Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Design the Best Job Description to Attract the Best Talent

With thousands of job postings on every job portal, it is a tremendous job to craft a job description that stands out from the rest and attracts the most qualified candidates for your job. Your job description is a critical document that becomes the perfect tool to market your company and the job to the prospective hire. You should articulate your job description in such way that you reach the goal of hiring the most competent and reliable employee in the shortest time. There are numerous HR recruitment agencies that can help you find suitable candidates for your requirements. But it is your judgment to select one of the best HR consulting firms to go forward in your endeavors to build strong human capital for your company.

Here are few tips from the best HR consultancy services provider to draft a job description that will make your company stand out.
Pool the appropriate people: The best way to write a job description is to involve the people who are related to the job directly. The manager to whom the prospective employee would report to and other employees in similar roles should be the ones to do the first draft of the job description. This will help in gathering all the information required to get a clear understanding of the core duties and skills needed to perform these duties.

Perform job analysis: After you talk to the people in similar roles, try to gather as much data as possible for the job analysis. This data should include responsibilities of current employees, research on similar job descriptions available online or offline, analysis of duties, responsibilities and authorities of the prospective employee.

Be specific: Be specific in describing the job role and spell out the position’s requirement than generalizing. Give the prospective applicants a clear picture of how it is going to be to work in your company. Be as specific as possible in giving details regarding the job role and try to avoid clichés. Clichés make the description routine and don’t generate interest. HR recruitment agencies can guide you in articulating the significant requirements and responsibilities that are expected of the prospective employee.

Perfect job title: Give a good job title to the description that accurately represents the job role and duties to be performed and reflects a ranking order that can be compared with similar jobs in other companies. The job title should be self-explanatory because usually, job titles become the keyword for online job search.

Include salary: A very important aspect of any job description is the salary that you are ready to give the eligible candidate. Instead of quoting a certain figure, mention a salary range that is competitive in the industry for similar positions. This is advantageous because, you can negotiate the salary depending on the education, experience and skill levels of the applicants. Experienced professionals in HR consultancy services ably advise you on the current market trends and the salaries paid in the industry.

Remember that, as a resume of an applicant needs to be unique, the job description also has to be unique and eye-catchy with a dynamic story about your company. Avail the services of Accuprosys, one of the Best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad for all your recruitment needs.

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