Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Requirements of an Effective Website Design!!

At the end of the day, a website that is attractive and well design is a pleasure to use. The primary motive behind creating a website is perhaps to grab the attention of the potential customer, followed, of course, by conveying the information that eventually convinces them to connect with the service. It’s also important to stay ahead of times in wooing the audience, and what communicates it? Your website, of course! 

Getting the user land on your website itself is a heinous task, and once he lands there you don’t want him to move away without meaning business, do you?

Let us look at a few principles that are required for making a website good from the design perspective.

Little Effort

Make sure you create a user interface that is easy to navigate. No hidden buttons or guess work – Just make everything simple and crisp. Intuitive is the mantra here!

Few and Simple registration tabs

If your website required users to sign up, make sure the process is easy and simple. They should be able to finish it in few steps. This will ensure completed registrations.  In case more steps are required, arrange them sequentially in one page itself.

Visible Website Features 

Let’s say you website has 5 features/products/services, ensure that all the 5 of them are clearly visible. This will in turn ensure the user doesn’t miss a single point. 

Effective Content

Content can be considered effective only if it is written in very simple and understandable language, broken down nicely into points. This will immensely help the reader to glance through whatever he is interested in. 

Use of empty white space

Here we don’t mean you clutter it with too much design. We mean, use it effectively o segregate two section. It is one of the biggest challenges to use it constructively without cluttering. 

Use universally known/used language and formats

Small yet important things like placement of the search box on the top as anyone would expect it, also it’s advised to use familiar terms like sign-up and log-in instead of weaving new terms. 

Test often

This aspect is typically overlooked in web development cycle.  It makes the difference in sticking to schedule and delivering the product that satisfies your client’s requirements.


The job isn’t over at creating a website. It doesn’t guarantee site visits. This can be sine only if your website is SEO friendly. 

      In present times where information is wealth, a good and communicative website is unquestionably the most vital ingredient of your new business. It talks a volume about your business, creates a favorable impression of the same and gets you credibility. 

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